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Train from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Recently I have been travelling to & from Hua Hin frequently on family matters, though I used to enjoy driving, but since I’ve been doing that so much lately I’m getting tired of the road trips.

So last week I decided to go by train, to see if this was a good alternative way to get to Hua Hin in a more economical way, my travel companion was my folding bike to complete the first mile, last mile part of the journey.

The Sprinter train left Bangkok at 08.05 hrs. there are 3 carriages / bogeys, all air conditioned, seat space is quite spacious, with storage space for suitcases (and my bicycle) in front of each carriage, smaller carry on bags can be loaded in the overhead compartment.


Shortly after departure, around 8.40 a lady comes round with a trolley serving tea, coffee, and handing out a bun for each passenger …. that’s your breakfast 😉  The train speeds along the route with 8 stops along the way that take no more than 2-3 minutes, you can enjoy the scenery as you pass countrysides, small towns, etc.   Unfortunately there is no USB plugs for charging your phone, tables and laptops, therefore make sure you charge your accessories before.


Just before arriving in Hua Hin you will be provided a lunch set served in sealed plastic containers consisting of rice and 2 dishes, you are also served a glass of water (see pictures).  It’s not the best meal I’ve ever had, but it came at the right time as I was getting hungry.

The train arrived in Hua Hin at 11.45 hrs, a little later then the schedule arrival time, but the delay wasn’t serious, besides hotel check-in time is at 14.00 hrs., and I wasn’t in a rush anyway.  Hua Hin railway station is one the most well maintained train station, so if you are one of those selfie types don’t forget to take lots of photos before you leave.

All in all, I think it was a nice way to travel to Hua Hin, travel time is similar to going by road, but with the train you can get up, stretch your legs, and try a bit of nostalgia.

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