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Mahanakhon Skywalk

Mahanakhon Building, is currently Bangkok’s tallest building, at least until the high rise at IconSiam is completed, but even with that said it will still remain the tallest observatory for a while yet. What is interesting about this building is the way the building has been designed, some say it looks like it’s been carved, others call it pixels, how ever you look at it it sure does standout, and stand tall, in Bangkok.

From the ground floor, board one of the fastest video themed elevators in the world, sorry no elevator music on this ride 🙂  Though I have to admit the elevator video sort of made me a bit dizzy towards the end, which made me think that this was probably not a good start for my acrophobia. But upon arrival on the 74th floor I was greeted with an incredible 360 panoramic views of Bangkok, being in doors my fear of heights was never an issue.

My colleague quickly brought a souvenir postcard from the vending machine, initially I thought why? But it made sense when she took a selfie with it to let everyone know where she was exactly.  Anyway, there are endless photo opportunities from this level, take your time.

Once you’ve done the 360 walk and ready for the next adventure, take the escalator to the 75th floor and get in line for the glass elevator to the 78th floor, planting you firmly on 310 meters above sea level, and if you are suicidal, I mean if you have the guts, you can enjoy a walk on a glass tray which juts out from the building rooftop, which means you have unobstructed views all the way down … just the thought makes my ….. tingle & float.

If you haven’t quite mustered the courage, curiosity, or trust in a glass floor 78 storeys up, we would suggest taking to The Peak which is 314 meters above sea level and does require the level of guts, but offers uncompromising views of Bangkok.

Don’t forget to enjoy a drink and snack at one of the highest rooftop bars in Southeast Asia.

Fun Facts

  • Coordinates: 13°43’27″N, 100°31’42″E
  • Occupying Land Area: 3.6 Acres
  • Construction: 2011-2016
  • Number of Lifts: 22
  • Total Buildings: 3 (Cube, Tower, Automated Parking)
  • Height: 314 meters (1,030 feet)
  • Floors: 77 (rooftop is 78)
  • Floor Area: 135,000 sqm (1,450,000 sq.ft)
  • Components: Residential, Retail, Hotel, Observatory

You can view our video on YouTube here, or if you want to buy the entrance ticket for a discount please go here.

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